This past week’s Oneida County board meeting was a pretty short and non-controversial affair, but one agenda item should concern every Oneida County resident, and that was the board’s approval of funding for the county’s public health department to engage in Covid vaccine outreach.
How much they are going to spend is vague and fuzzy, pretty standard procedure for the secretive health establishment. The board approved $7,200 for this year, and $25,000 for administration and clinic operations and Covid, flu, and children vaccine outreach for 2023.
Now the first thing to know is, these are federal relief funds (ARPA) that fell from the sky thanks to the Biden administration and which are now making it hard for you to buy groceries and gas. And one of the significant aspects of these relief funds is that they cannot be used to offset county taxes.
In other words, the federal government is forcing local and state governments to engage in new spending, making sure that government continues to grow over time and that the economic damage being inflicted on the American people endures.
But back to the vaccine outreach. We wonder just what message our local health officials will deliver in their outreach crusade.
For our part, we hope that it includes all the information we know about the vaccines — as well as what we don’t know — and let people make up their minds whether the shots are worth it. 
After all, the purpose of such a campaign shouldn’t be to blindly push vaccination per the CDC, but to broadcast to the public that the vaccines are available for people who want it, and to inform the public about what we know — and don’t — about their safety and efficacy.
Unfortunately, we find it hard to believe the health department will do this. So far our local health officials have done nothing but help spread the federal governments lies and disinformation about Covid and the Covid vaccines.
That’s why we wish the county board had voted down the spending resolution this week. To their credit, four supervisors did abstain (Mike Roach, Jim Winkler, newly appointed supervisor Connor Showalter, and Greg Oettinger), but we wish they had voted no.
But let’s give our health department the benefit of the doubt and assume, for the moment, that their outreach efforts will be fair and balanced instead of just a steady stream of lies about how safe and effective the vaccines are.
As a way to help our public servants, we offer the following information that we hope the health department will incorporate into its messaging.
For starters, let’s inform our residents that Denmark no longer offers Covid vaccines to anyone under the age of 50 unless they are in a high-risk population group. Here’s how the government of Denmark puts it:
“With the autumn vaccination programme, we aim to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death. The risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 increases with age. Therefore, people who have reached the age of 50 and particularly vulnerable people will be offered vaccination. We expect that many people will be infected with covid-19 during autumn and winter. It is therefore important that the population remembers the guidance on how to prevent infection, which also applies to a number of other infectious diseases.”
In other words, the Danish government believes that the risks associated with vaccination are greater than the risks associated with getting Covid, unless you are in a high-risk group. Who among us believes the Oneida County health department will tell people that?
It’s not just Denmark, by the way, across Europe the trend is away from mass vaccination except for the high-risk populations and especially away from vaccinating children. 
But why are these governments growing hesitant about the vaccines and their boosters? Well, let’s see.
Just this week, The Washington Post reported that new research shows that getting the Covid vaccines affected the timing of women’s menstrual cycles, as many women had been complaining about. For “most,” the effect was temporary. Researchers also said there was “no indication” that the vaccine affects fertility, but it was hardly a ringing pronouncement that it doesn’t. 
Oh, and remember when the CDC encouraged breastfeeding women to get vaccinated because the mRNA vaccines would not show up in human breast milk.
Well, according to new research, “Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk,” the vaccines did show up, like an uninvited house guest. The study urged caution “about breastfeeding children younger than 6 months in the first 48 hours after maternal vaccination.”
And despite the CDC’s care-free advice to breastfeeding moms about how safe it was to vaccinate, this study pointed out that the CDC “recommends offering the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to breastfeeding individuals, although the possible passage of vaccine mRNAs in breast milk resulting in infants’ exposure at younger than six months was not investigated.”
Repeat: They never investigated before they assured breastfeeding mothers it was all OK.
Speaking of never investigating the safety of Covid vaccines, late last month the Food and Drug Administration authorized boosters that target the BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants. But as reporter Alex Gutentag of Tablet Magazine reported, FDA officials approved the new boosters for emergency use based on data from eight mice in a Pfizer study. 
That’s eight mice and no humans. Still eager to rush out and get your boosters?
Interestingly, Gutentag reported, while the FDA was boosting the boosters, the CDC updated its myocarditis data, which now shows that rates of myocarditis in young men are between 2-to-3.5 times higher than the agency claimed last year.
But nothing to see here. Gutentag reported: “[T]he FDA and CDC moved to recommend the bivalent boosters for anyone over the age of 12 without human clinical trials.”
Still eager for those shots?
Now, of course, there’s a new variant in India, which will make its way here if it hasn’t already, and the government will want you to take a shot for that, too. In India, though, the variant is evading all the vaccines.
Also this month, a new Swedish study shows that vaccination is practically worthless against Omicron, its efficacy dropping to 43 percent in just four weeks and to zero in 14 weeks. So do the math: You need to get boosted probably once every two months for the rest of your life. The upside is, we suppose, it may well be a short life if you choose to keep getting jabbed.
Then, too, as Alex Berenson has reported using British data, mRNA boosted adults aged 40-74 are “twice as likely to be hospitalized for Covid as those who haven't recently been boosted.”
Who knew?
Oh, and what about the mRNA in the vaccine that was supposed to disappear from your body quickly after vaccination — well, let’s just say that it doesn’t. So the CDC has quietly had to revise its explanation of how the mRNA vaccines work.
Last year’s CDC description: “First, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle. Once the instructions (mRNA) are inside the immune cells, the cells use them to make the protein piece. After the protein piece is made, the cell breaks down the instructions and gets rid of them.”
The new description: “After vaccination, the mRNA will enter the muscle cells. Once inside, they use the cells’ machinery to produce a harmless piece of what is called the spike protein.”
No mention of it disappearing, though they still claim the spike protein is harmless. Believe them?
The thing is, young and middle-aged healthy people keep dropping dead after vaccination. According to public health officials, there’s nothing strange about this at all.
Last week, a healthy middle-aged woman dropped dead in Canada, seven minutes after getting jabbed. She never even made it out of the pharmacy. Authorities ruled that the death was from “natural causes.”
There’s the case of Dr. Michel Goldman, a life-long proponent of vaccination and professor of immunology and pharmacotherapy at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, who has cancer. He rushed to get his Covid booster because he was about to begin chemotherapy and thought his immune system would be too compromised to get it once he started.
But a strange thing happened. Just a few days after he got the shot, a follow-up CT scan showed that “his cancer had grown so fast that cancerous points were lighting up all over his scan,” as Dr. Suzanne Burdisck has reported. Goldman suspects the cancer’s quick spread is linked to the booster, as The Atlantic reported.
From The Atlantic: “Around the time of his February follow-up, Michel received a message from a doctor who had read his self-referential case report. The doctor’s mother had been diagnosed with the same subtype of lymphoma that Michel has following a COVID booster shot. More recently, he got an email from a woman whose sister had been vaccinated and received that diagnosis the following month. Again, these could be coincidences. Or maybe they are the second and third data points in a growing set. The possible connection between Michel’s lymphoma flare and his COVID-19 vaccination occupies much of his thinking these days. ‘If it exists, it must be very rare,’ he said. But he doesn’t regret going public with his case. ‘I’m still convinced it was the right thing to do.’”
We do too.
Meanwhile the number of adverse events reported to the federal government’s adverse events reporting system continues to grow: 1,141,220 adverse events reported after vaccination, including 31,074 reports of deaths and 258,480 serious injuries.
The bottom line? Public health officials have lied to the American people from the beginning about the seriousness of Covid compared to the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. There’s no reason to start believing them now.
So when they reach out with their vaccine messaging, better get a second opinion. And then make up your mind what is best for you because the government, as always, is doing what’s best for its bureaucracy and its corporate allies in the pharmaceutical industry.